Heavy defeat (4-1) by Kerkyra

SIK 1887



Atromitos was defeated (4-1) in the home match against Kerkyra for the 16th week of the Super League.

The guests scored with Epstein (4’), Lazaridis (63’og), Doualla (79’) and Georgakopoulos (86’), while Fytanidis (82’) was the scorer for George Korakakis’ team. The dismissals of Keita (45+3’) and Gougoudis (66’) were crucial.

ATROMITOS: Gorbunow, Lazaridis, Fytanidis, Bittolo, Brito (57’ Dauda), Umbides, Keita, Tonso (68’ Baga), Gougoudis, Le Tallec, Vasiliou (46’ Kyriakidis).

KERKYRA: Koutzavasilis, Venetis, Siontis, Ioannou, Spinoulas, Epstein (83’ Georgakopoulos), Zorbas (Kontos 59’), Diogo, Andreopoulos (73’ Pamlidis), Doualla, Gomes.

One point (1-1) in Livadia

AND 6635



Atromitos’ away match against Levadiakos for the 17th week of the Super League was concluded without a winner (1-1).

Our team took the lead with Le Tallec’s header (10’), but the hosts tied the score with Youssouf (73’).

LEVADIAKOS: Namaşco, Moulopoulos (83’ Karahalios), Milhazes, Ouon, Tripotseris, Coulibaly, Kaltsas, Laçi (66’ Youssouf), Kapsaskis (66’ Machairas), Mantzios, Giakoumakis.

ATROMITOS: Gorbunow, Kontoes, Kyriakidis (80’ Brito), Katranis, Zisopoulos, Baga, Umbides, Platelas (67’ Tonso), Kivrakidis, Le Tallec, Limnios (88’ Vasiliou). 


The squad for tomorrow’s game against PAS

atr PAS site



After the completion of Saturday’s training in the Sports Centre, George Korakakis announced the squad for the home match against PAS Giannina (29/1) in the Municipal Stadium of Peristeri.

It is consisted of 19 players: Gorbunow, N. Papadopoulos, Lazaridis, Katranis, Zisopoulos, Baga, Brito, Kyriakidis, Kivrakidis, Fytanidis, Limnios, Tonso, Kontoes, Le Tallec, Platellas, Vasiliou, Gougoudis, Umbides, Dauda.

Atromitos in the quarter-finals

0AND 9231


 Two goals by Abiola Dauda (18’, 44’) in the 2nd leg against Lamia (2-0) sent Atromitos to the Cup’s quarter-finals.

ATROMITOS: Papadopoulos, Kivrakidis, Kontoes, Lazaridis, Katranis, Zisopoulos, Umbides (73’ Vasiliou), Platellas (60’ Kyriakidis), Tonso, Brito (81’ Limnios), Dauda.

LAMIA: Pitkas, Christofileas, Avgenikou, Vallios, Kotsonis, Bouloulis, Pozatzidis, (61’ Jokic), Papargyriou (46’ Karagiannis), Matsoukas, Tsoukalos, Ferfelis (46’ Wanderson).


Atromitos and Korakakis in separate ways…

0AND 9856


Atromitos announces the termination of its cooperation with George Korakakis by mutual consent.

The Greek coach talked to atromitosfc.gr: “I would like to thank the board, my colleagues and the players of Atromitos. I wish, with all my heart, that the club will be successful in the future”.

Our club will always be open for George Korakakis. We wish him the best of luck in the next steps of his career.

No goals in “G. Karaiskakis”

0SIK 0421


The first leg of Cup’s quarter-final against Olympiakos in “G. Karaiskakis” was concluded without winner or goals.

Cardozo’s effort hit the post (22’), while Atromitos had a great chance with Le Tallec on the 82th minute.

OLYMPIAKOS: Leali, Cissokho, Figueiras, Retsos, Vianna, Martins (66’ Fortounis), Manthatis (61’ Sebá), Nikolaou, Androutsos, Cardozo (80’ Ideye), Ansarifard.

ATROMITOS: Gorbunow, Fytanidis, Katranis (80’ Panteliadis), Zisopoulos, Baga, Umbides, Platellas, Tonso (85’ Natsos), Kivrakidis, Le Tallec, Limnios (69; Kyriakidis).

Draw (2-2) in Lamia

AND 7783



Atromitos away match against Lamia for the 3rd round of the Greek Cup was concluded without a winner (2-2).

George Korakakis’ team took twice the lead with Dauda (3’, 14’), but the hosts had the answer with Avgenikou (5’) and Spiropoulos (16’). The 2nd leg will take place in the Municipal Stadium of Peristeri on February, 1st.

LAMIA: Pitkas, Kotsonis, Vallios, Spiropoulos (46’ Karagiannis), Papargiriou, Jokić, Vasilogiannis (83’ Manias), Avgenikou, Tsoukalos (70’ Patsarouhas), Bouloulis, Ferfelis.

ATROMITOS: Papadopoulos, Kontoes, Fytanidis, Katranis, Brito (59’ Vasiliou), Zisopoulos, Baga, Umbides, Tonso (61’ Kyriakidis), Dauda (68’ Le Tallec), Limnios. 

“Late” point (1-1) for PAS in Peristeri

NIK 9723



Atromitos home match against PAS Giannina for the 18th week of the Super League was completed without a winner (1-1).

Our team took the lead with Le Tallec (65’), but the guests avoided the defeat with Pedro Conte’s goal on the 95th minute.

ATROMITOS: Gorbunow, Kontoes, Fytanidis, Kyriakidis, Katranis, Baga, Platellas (87’ Vasiliou), Tonso (73’ Umbides), Kivrakidis, Le Tallec, Limnios (69’ Brito).

PAS GIANNINA: Paschalakis, Tzimopoulos, Michail, Skondras (77’ Vidal), Karanikas, Lila, Acosta, Koutris, Giakos, Jairo (69’ Fonsi), Conde.

Defeat (2-0) in Agrinio

0AND 0010


On Saturday (4/2) Atromitos was defeated (2-0) in the away match against Panetolikos for the 19th week of the Super League.

The goals of the hosts were scored by Markovski (12’) and Munoz (76’).

PANETOLIKOS: Kyriakidis, Kousas, Makos, Marcos Paulo, Farley Rosa, Diego Lopes (68’ Koutroumanos), Luís Rocha, Migas, Chantakias, Markovski (81’ Papadopoulos), Clésio (72’ Muñoz).

ATROMITOS: Gorbunow, Kontoes (78’ Zisopoulos), Panteliadis, Fytanidis, Kyriakidis (46’ Tonso), Baga, Umbides, Platellas (64’ Dauda), Kivrakidis, Le Tallec, Limnios.

Sa Pinto is back…

0sapinto site


Atromitos FC is pleased to announce the start of cooperation with Ricardo Sa Pinto who returns after 2 years to our team’s helm!

The Portuguese coach had a meeting with Yiannis Aggelopoulos in the club’s headquarters and signed a contract until the end of the season with an option of another year.

I am very happy to return to a club like Atromitos. I promise to do my best in order to vindicate Mr Spanos and Mr Aggelopoulos. In my previous term I left our project in the middle, so now it’s the right time to come back” were Sa Pinto’s first words to atromitosfc.gr.

The other members of the technical staff will be Rui Mota and Guilherme Gomes.

Maniatis joins Atromitos!

maniatis site2


Atromitos proudly announces the start of co-operation with Yiannis Maniatis! The international midfielder was unattached after leaving Olympiakos and today visited our team’s headquarters in order to sign a contract until 30th of June.

After that, Maniatis said a few words to atromitosfc.gr: “I would like to thank Mr Spanos and Mr Aggelopoulos for their patience. Atromitos is one of the great clubs and I am determined to give everything for achieving its goals”.

He will wear the jersey with number “22”.

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